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Research, Writing and Editing​

Clarify your message and improve your credibility. Published writer for business, marketing and education. High quality, fast turnaround service.


Successful businesses make sure that the English they use is clear, accurate and effective. 

​Carnaby English can research, analyse, write and edit quality reports, presentations, manuals, handbooks, website content and Annual Reports for all kinds of organisations. We can also manage the whole process for you by planning, defining style, issuing briefs and co-ordinating multi-authored works. We undertake communications audits for departments or whole organisations.

Our client base is international. We specialise in making sure that materials translated into English from another language or written by non-native English speakers, are not just grammatically correct but that they flow well and communicate core messages successfully.

Due to our unique skillset, we are also able to  combine this service with one-to-one English language tuition - a very practical way to achieve two things at once.



​Carnaby English supports the academic process for professors and students alike. We specialise in support for non-native English speakers.

From expert editing of journal articles to help with rewriting to improve style and register, we offer a versatile and fast-turnaround service, using the latest technologies as appropriate.

Carnaby English copy or sub edits and proof reads dissertations, theses, essays and academic papers for academic staff or students at any level. MBA support is one of our specialisations: preparing students using GMAT and reviewing their submissions. IELTS preparation and practice is also undertaken.

Research support for any area is available.

Combining written support services with one-to-one English language tuition lessens the need for editorial support in the future.


We can help to make sure that your marketing materials describe your products and services accurately and clearly and that your customer communications for sales or support is the best it can be.

Your website, brochures, press releases, emails and sales support scripts need to use appropriate English in a consistent manner in order to get your message across effectively and to build sales and customer loyalty.

How you write affects the way people view your organisation, products and services, so it matters that you get it right. However, the task of doing this across all written media with international teams with a multitude of first languages is enormous, and can be quite daunting. Carnaby English can help to make sure that you do it well by helping to plan, define style, rewrite and edit materials before they are published.

We often work alongside in-house teams to support their written (and spoken) English language improvement.


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