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English Language Teaching

'I took only a two-week course but it was equivalent to a three-year English class in a school … I recommend Carnaby English courses especially to people who need to brush up on their English for business purposes.'

Japanese accountant who is now working in New York City

'I have not studied English for over 30 years and was a little nervous but Gil at Carnaby English made learning very enjoyable … and she is an excellent cook’

Argentinian Chief Executive

‘ The most useful aspect of this course was Gil’s business experience … if only all teachers were like Gil!’

Human Resources Manager, Spain


Management Skills Training

'I learned a lot in this week. Yesterday I had a call with a client from the UK and I think I did it very well. So I am much obliged to Carnaby English for the good training [English with Negotiation Skills] and for the fantastic week in London.'

Senior German banker

'Carnaby English trained me very well: how to structure, how to lead through and how to include the participants. We transformed a voluminous powerpoint presentation. I was told my presentation was a success because I was able to express myself clearly and handle questions during the follow-up discussion without any English language problems.

To put it in a nutshell, I consider Gil at Carnaby English, to be an excellent trainer.'

German Doctor


Research, Writing and Editing


Consistently excellent client feedback with a lot of repeat business and referrals.


'Carnaby English created a suite of marketing and sales materials for our consultancy business. She also designed all the back-office sales processes to support this. The business grew exponentially - proof positive of Gil's excellent written as well as verbal communication skills.'

Deputy Chief Executive, Graphic Arts and Print Organisation

'We worked on my journal articles in the mornings - editing and discussing grammar and style. This approach is very fruitful as it helps me write better English in the future. In the afternoons, I did research at The British Library (you can walk there!). Carnaby English provides an unique opportunity to combine expert editing, English language tuition and practice and research in one trip.'

Japanese Professor

Business development Consulting

'Gil helped us create compelling strategic propositions for innovative new products and services and then applied her operational management skills in bringing these to fruition. She is creative and pragmatic with excellent client-facing skills and multi-disciplinary team management experience.'

Chief Executive, Digital Consultancy

​'Gil combined her creative and planning skills to design a highly effective innovation programme that met the needs of the organisation. Eight business-improvement projects were carried forward as a result. Gil’s facilitation and delivery skills are outstanding. Gil's experience of leading large international teams means that she is sensitive to cultural issues that may arise and can provide back-up one-to-one coaching in communication skills to support better outcomes.'
Director working in the NFP sector



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