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Business Development Consulting

Pragmatic expert business support from a frontline international business manager and adviser with a great track record of success.
Strategic Review

We bring a fresh, expert eye to a business or organisation that knows it needs to change to thrive and not just survive, but is finding it difficult to know what to do and how to do it.

Our award-winning support helps organisations and departments to reinvent themselves and to build and launch successful, new business models, products and services for the future, in ways that carry their teams with them.

We focus on reshaping core competencies around core markets, all the time emphasising the importance of inclusion and communication for all stakeholders. 

Our techniques involve employees in generating innovative ideas, analysing, piloting and implementing them under our expert guidance.

We are used to competitive, rapidly changing, technological environments and have helped generate new businesses, products and services for organisations in the private and not-for profit sectors from all over the world.



International Teams

Making the most of the talent and energy in global teams is one of the biggest challenges for any organisation.

So many opportunities are missed through miscommunication and a lack of understanding about how to set up and manage successful, multinational teams.

At Carnaby English we understand first-hand the opportunities and issues of selecting, developing and managing teams in different countries throughout the world, because we have actually done it.


We know that the 'multilocal' is as important as the multinational' - for customers and staff.


We train managers how to build, develop and manage multinational, multifunctional teams and to understand the importance of multicultural perspectives to produce a productive dynamic.

We work with HR professionals to implement their own programmes and offer one-to-one support for managers anywhere in the world.



Process Improvement


It's much more than just process!

Process re-engineering, six sigma, lean manufacturing, project management, gantt charts, fishbone diagrams ... there are many different theories and tools that promise to transform organisations and make them more profitable and competitive.

However, actually changing organisations in a sustainable way and in ways that carry your staff and customers with you, requires a deep understanding of how markets, organisations and people function and interact.

Years of operating, supporting, growing and advising complex, international businesses across industrial and business sectors,from start-up to mature organisations, means that Carnaby English is able to provide excellent support for really worthwhile operational change.

Much of our work is with multisite businesses, operating in different countries, so managing expectations, clear communication and cultural sensitivity are critical to success. 


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