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Management Skills Training

Custom-designed, one-to-one or group training to enable you to get your message across in the most effective way.

Negotiating successful outcomes for your organisation and yourself is complex - but the infamous 'art' of negotiation can be taught.

Core influencing skills include research, analysis, timing, body language and above all, appropriate use of the English language.

What you say and how and when you say it are critical elements that can make or break the negotiation. Understanding this is especially important where the negotiating parties come from different cultures and where English is not their first language.

We focus on enabling people to understand and practise the processes of negotiation, the importance of time, place, style, tone and why body language and cultural awareness matters. 

This course is often combined with one of our Business English Language courses. See Teaching for more information.


It can be daunting to make presentations to large or small groups.

We train and coach people, one-to-one and in small groups to make superb presentations - and to enjoy doing it!

Trainees learn how to use visual aids to best effect, how to stand, move and gesture to reinforce their message and how best to interact with your audience. We teach how to project and use the voice to convince and carry an audience with the presenter.

At the core of presentation success is the ability to use language to influence your audience and we focus on both the content of your presentations as well as the context.

We provide an excellent environment for native and non-native English speakers to build their confidence and skills and this

training is often combined with English language teaching.



​Effective communication with your colleagues, customers and other stakeholders is arguably the most important and most used skill throughout your career.

This is especially true in multinational organisations, where you may have to use English to communicate effectively even although it is not your first language. 

Carnaby English trains individuals to communicate well face-to-face, on the telephone, in teleconferences and across written formats such as emails, letters and reports. 

We've trained many managers and executives from different kinds of companies from Germany, Russia, Japan and Spain who are now more confident and effective communicators.

This training can be combined with English language teaching. 




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